4 Auto Body Issues You Can Fix Yourself

17 September 2015
 Categories: Automotive, Articles

Cars are often prone to issues. Usually, your first thought after discovering an issue is to call a professional. However, you should know that it is not always necessary to call in the services of a professional when it comes to fixing certain auto body issues; there are plenty of things that you can fix on your own. Read on to learn about four auto body issues that you can fix yourself.

How to Fix Faded Headlights

Over the course of time, your headlights can fade, due to oxidation, dirt, or a number of other issues, giving off the impression that the bulb itself is dimming. However, this is usually simple an issue with the headlight cover and there is little to fret about, as this issue is easily solved.

There are a few simple things you will need: a microfiber cloth and a headlight lens restoration kit, which can be easily purchased at your local hardware store. Simply clean off the headlight with water and a cloth, then dry off the headlight with a clean cloth. Then, apply lens cleaner to the microfiber cloth and vigorously scrub the offending area. From here, dry the area off with a dry cloth, again.

How to Fix Dents

First and foremost, take a dowel rod and cut it into 5-4 inch sections. From here, screw in two screws on either side of the dowel rod. Then, using a hot glue gun, place a dab of hut glue on the top of each portion of the dowel rod. Take note of your dent. You will want to place the dowel rods, hot glue end, on your car, surrounding your dent.

Let the hot glue dry on the area from anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes. Then, slowly pull off the dowel rods. Again, keep notice of the dented area. Are the dowel rods affecting the area? Make sure to pull them off slowly, as ripping them off could peel paint from your car or cause further damage.

How to Fix Light Scratches

Make sure you vigorously clean the area that is scratched before you begin. From here, you will want to apply an acetone compound to the area. If you don't have a specific acetone cleaner, something that contains acetone, such as nail polish remover, should work just as well.

If this did not work, there might be a few additional steps that you should take. Purchase rubbing compound if the acetone compound did not adequately work, and make sure that you buff the area after application. You can also use wet sandpaper and place it over the offending area. Make sure that you do not rub the sandpaper into your car's body, as this can further serve to damage your finish.

How to Fix Rust

You will want to sand the area around the rusted area, making sure that you remove any stray paint flakes from the area. Then you will want to sand the offending rusted area itself, making sure the area is as flush as it possibly can be. Apply rust treatment to the offending area and allow it to sit overnight, undisturbed. After allowing it to sit overnight, you can begin to apply primer and then subsequently paint the former offending and now flush area.

There are plenty of ways to fix your car, whether it's an old beater that you want to look just a bit better, or a brand new car that is giving you a bit of trouble. The best way to fix an auto body issue, in many cases, is to do it yourself. For bigger auto body issues, however, you might want to take your car into professional auto body repair specialists or look at this web-site for more assistance.